WrightCon 2015 Results--Aircraft, page 2

7. Jet Aircraft, 1/72, all Sponsored by: Peel Scale Modelers
 1Ho-229Mark Smith
 2A-4B SkyhawkBruce Simard
 3F9F PantherMark Kacir
8a. Jet Aircraft, 1/48, all (Split A: Single Engine) Sponsored by: Mark Kacir
 1P-80ALarry Davis
 2D.H. VampireAl Grimm
 3F-16AWilliam Dedig
8b. Jet Aircraft, 1/48, all (Split B: Multi-Engine) Sponsored by: Mark Kacir
 1F-4EJack Oliver
 2Valtour IIMike Meredith
 3MiG-29Daniel Bedfor
9. Aircraft, 1/32 and larger, all
 1F4U-1Robert Ulrich
 2A6M5 ZeroJeff Ownes
 3Ho-229Dave Morrissette
10. Rotary winged aircraft, all
 1H-34 ChoctawMike Meredith
 2CH-46E Sea KnightTravis Offenberger
11. Civil, Sport, Racing, Airliners all
 1Northrop AlfaWayne E. Moyer
 2Boeing 727Steve Grigg
 3MU-2BJohn King
12. Conversions, Vacuforms, & Scratchbuilts
 1Fairey HendonTom Draper
 2Nieuport 16Tim Swisher
 3RF-8GJerry Geer
13. Out of Box, 1/72 & smaller
 1Bf-109 G-6Barry Numerick
 2F-104Al Hoffman
 3M6A1 SeiranKevin Johnson
14. Out of Box, 1/48 & larger
 1F4U-1 CorsairDave Koukol
 2F6F-3 HellcatSteve Grigg
 3Do-335Travis Offenberger