WrightCon 2015 Results--Figures

Category SubjectModelerPicture
36. Single, Real to life, 89mm & smaller
 1German infantryman Mid-14th CenturySteve Price
 2"Claus"Richard Guetig
 3English Knight, Sir Thomas ChaucerJim Church
37. Single, Real to life, 90mm & larger
 1WWI German StormtrooperDave Youngquist  
 2Captain Hasse Wind, Finnish Air ForceBrian Duddy  
 3Polish LancerIan P. Dow  
38. Vignettes, Real to life (up to 5 figures)
 1Jochen eiperTerry Hill  
 2"Das Ist Der Neue Me-262"Richard Guetig  
 3Marine on Rest on Khe Sahn(no name provided) 
39. Vignettes, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, All (up to 5 figures)
 1Bride of FrankensteinDave Morrissette  
40. Fantasy, & Science Fiction, 54mm+
 1Dragon KeeperKevin Foureman  
 2El Baron Del TerrorMark McGovern  
 3FrankensteinAnthony Althouse  
41. Fantasy, & Science Fiction, Under 54mm
 1Templar KnightRichard Guetig  
 2CthuluPaul Helfrich  
 3Frosh WyrmPaul Helfrich  
42. Busts, Real to life
 1U.S. ParatrooperBrian Duddy  
 2Man-At-Arms, 13th-14th CenturyBrock Hopkins III  
 3SS Recon OfficerTerry Hill  
43. Busts, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Other
 1WarlordDave Youngquist  
 2Bride of FrankensteinMark McGovern  
 3AstarothDave Morrissette  
44. Anime and Cartoon, all
 1Tamari KousakaRobert Cobb  
 2ChikageKevin Foureman  
 3Bravo from Disney's PlanesJohn King