WrightCon 2015 Results--Space/Science-Fiction/Fantasy

Category SubjectModelerPicture
50. Real Rockets and Spacecraft, all
 1Vostock 1Larry Uchmonowicz
51. Fictitious Rockets and Spacecraft, all
 1YF-99Chris Allman
 2Millenium FalconLee Furry
 3Move with NausicoaDavid Wrinkle
53. Sci-fi and fantasy all other types
 1Sherman WalkerBob Blevins
 2NautilusChris Allman
 3Imerial Probe DroidJeff Edge
54. Out of the box, all
 1Battlestar GalacticaChris Allman
 2Millenium FalconWilliam Seaman
 3USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (TOS.5)Dave Koukol